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Discuss NetApp solutions for Microsoft Private Cloud and the Hyper-V platform, including FlexPod Datacenter, NetApp OnCommand Plug-in for Microsoft, and Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit.

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I have several COT installations, and I am trying to use PS scripts to report and manage them.  I've found an issue with some commands, which in the H more
Dear PowerShell community, We are glad to announce the release of  NetApp PowerShell Toolkit version 4.7.  This unified release has enhancements for b more
Hello,   i need to see the size of all snapshot, on all volumes. I usthis command in powershell cli :    Get-NaVol vol* | Get-NaSnapshot | select Targ more
Hello all,   on my web interface ONCommand System Management, i can see for all volumes, the snapshot copies related with size, date, etc.   I need to more
When issuing a "get-ncvserver" cmdlet, PS returns: "Get-NcVserver : Object reference not set to an instance of an object"   I get the same with "get-n more
Hi There, I can't able to delete the user account for 'console' application with authentication method password. I am getting below error while runnin more
Dear Powershell addicts,   I got a strange behavior using the command Set-NcNetInterface for modifying the homeNode with DataONTAP Module 4.3 to lates more
Dear PowerShell community, We are glad to announce the release of NetApp PowerShell Toolkit version 4.6 . This unified release has enhancements for Da more
Has anyone else seen this? Toolkit worked fine against ONTAP 8.3.2P5, but breaks now after upgrade to 9.1P2: (cluster name changed for privacy) PS C:\ more
Using PowerShell Toolkit to create an NFS service and enabling vStorage/VAAI. While my code is functioning, I'm encountering a warning I'd like to pre more