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Discuss NetApp solutions for Microsoft Private Cloud and the Hyper-V platform, including FlexPod Datacenter, NetApp OnCommand Plug-in for Microsoft, and Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit.

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I have PS toolkit i use the tollkit to connect to a ontap cdot 9.1p3 using a local user ,  i connect successfuly , and i am able to run co more
Current Version:  1.5   Clustered Data ONTAP (also known as ONTAP) uses self-signed certificates by default for management of the environment. These c more
Hello -   I am trying to create a simple powershell script that will walk the steps of create a volume and a share otuside of the UI and force to go t more
Hello,   Pardon if I'm rehashing an old thread.  Got a customer who has adopted the position that WWPNs can never be randomly generated and must be de more
Hi, When I try to move a directory into a qtree on the same volume, it results in an access denied. Moving the directory with explorer.exe does work b more
Dear all,    Customer is reporting an issue with PowerShell Toolkit when trying to create a new symlink. Actually, he is stuck on a big project so any more
I am trying to create a powershell script that will give me every volume that has not created a snaphot is the last 2 hours.  get-ncvol | get-ncsnapsh more
Using PowerShell Toolkit 4.6 and Putty 0.70.  Using the Invoke-NcSsh cmdlet.  Used the same cmdlet in the same script prior to upgrading the toolkit w more
I had the customer run the power shell script for space reclaim on the LUNs.  When he attempted to run, he go the following failure message.   S & H a more
I am trying to run the powershell commands to get the NetAppDocs on 7 -mode systems in HA pair with running version 8.2.4P4, as below:   PS C:\Windows more