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connect-nacontroller to vFiler


I'm new to powershell. I need to write a script to capture information from vFilers (7-Mode, ONTAP 7.3.x and 8.x)

Wondering what is the correct way to connect vFiler ?

Connect-NaController PhysicalFilerName -vFiler VirtualFilerName


Connect-NaController VirtualFilerName

I get the same results with both of these commands when I query any of vFiler in our environment.

What is the technical difference between these two commands and in which situation one would not work ?

Is there any documentation that I can refer to ?



Re: connect-nacontroller to vFiler

For PSTK documentation use the Show-NaHelp cmdlet. 

PS C:\Users\vinith> Show-NaHelp

Re: connect-nacontroller to vFiler


Thanks for reply but Show-NaHelp doesn't say if "Connect-NaController VirtualFilerName"   is even a valid command.

The script is for end user who only know vFiler name. If "Connect-NaController VirtualFilerName"  is valid then we don't have to query DFM to get the PhysicalFiler Name.

Re: connect-nacontroller to vFiler

Connect-NaController PhysicalFileName -Vfiler VfilerName connects to the pfiler and tunnels the commands to the specified vfiler.  Connect-NaController VfilerName connects directly to the vfiler.

Either way is fine for communicating with vfilers.


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