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get-ncsnapmirror not working?


anyone else seeing this?  am i missing something here?  this should be pretty straight forward right?


Get-NcSnapmirror | Where-Object {$_.RelationshipType -eq "load_sharing"}


Get-NcSnapmirror : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


+ Get-NcSnapmirror | Where-Object {$_.RelationshipType -eq "load_sharing"}

+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

+ CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (10.x.x.x:NcController) [Get-NcSnapmirror], NullReferenceException

+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : ApiException,DataONTAP.C.PowerShell.SDK.Cmdlets.Snapmirror.GetNcSnapmirror



Re: get-ncsnapmirror not working?


That command works fine

Re: get-ncsnapmirror not working?


Another approach to this could be to have the cluster only reply with the load sharing mirrors by sumbitting the request with the query as shown below:


C:\PS>$query = Get-NcSnapmirror -Template
$query.RelationshipType = "load_sharing"
Get-NcSnapmirror -Query $query

Using an advanced query, get all load-sharing SnapMirror relationships.


SourceLocation DestinationLocation Status MirrorState
-------------- ------------------- ------ -----------
VxeRubble://costea01/vol1_LS1 VxeRubble://costea01/vol1_LS2 idle snapmirrored


Example taken from the Toolkit Help file.

Re: get-ncsnapmirror not working?



This is old method and imho, not prefered method, by building a template.. The OP, has the correct way in my mind..

Re: get-ncsnapmirror not working?


What version of PS are you running and what version of toolkit version and Ontap


I'm running 

PS 3

Toolkit version:

ontap 8.3.1GA

Re: get-ncsnapmirror not working?


I think I know what the issue is.  The particular cluster I am runnin gthis on happens to be a very "busy" one.  comand works fine on other less busy clusters.  I believe the zapi is timing out even though i adjust the number of retries.  Thanks

Re: get-ncsnapmirror not working?


extended you https timeout on your connect command


$global:currentncontroller | select * 


Look for timoutmsec



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