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get-ncvserver appears intermittent in PS Toolkit 4.7


When issuing a "get-ncvserver" cmdlet, PS returns:

"Get-NcVserver : Object reference not set to an instance of an object"


I get the same with "get-nccluster"


After nc-connecting my clusters, I issue:



I will not belabour the point, suffice it to say, that the first couple of dozen tries of this or related commands depending on NcController or vServer fail.  At some point, it all starts working.


This is very frustrating, because my scripts do not appear to work, and I start troubleshooting the cmdlets, only to find that at some point after PS initialization and NA/NC module load, it magically starts working.


I am more than likely doing something wrong, or missing a required command, and perhaps on retries I accidentally issue the required command.  But I cannot figure out what it is. 


H E L P ! ! !




Here is an update.


I am trying the "get-ncvserver -Name *" command.


I have two PS windows open.  The one on top reports "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

The one on the bottom, prints all SVM's.  (It didn't for a long time), as reported previously.