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NetApp PowerShell Toolkit 4.6 released!

Dear PowerShell community,

We are glad to announce the release of NetApp PowerShell Toolkit version 4.6 . This unified release has enhancements for Data ONTAP module. 


ONTAP PowerShell Module:
The latest release adds upto 2210 cmdlets and provides maximum API coverage for ONTAP 9.4 and is backward compatible with previous ONTAP releases.

SANtricity PowerShell Toolkit
The SANtricity PowerShell module supports more than 300 cmdlets, enabling the storage administration of NetApp E-Series storage systems and EF-Series all-flash arrays.


Download the PowerShell Toolkit 4.6 from here

NetApp PowerShell Toolkit Team


Re: NetApp PowerShell Toolkit 4.6 released!


Thanks for another release.   


Back in the 7-mode days, we used get-natoolkitversion a lot with queries on scripts for cmdlets.


If possible, can we get  get-nctoolkitversion for the next release.  get-natoolkitversion reports 4.4 not 4.6.


unless I missed something in one of the cmdlets.


Also, if possible, can we have an add-on to the scanner pool policy to apply to certain clusters for svm-dr


we have to bypass this by doing 


Invoke-NcSsh "vserver vscan scanner-pool apply-policy -vserver " + $VserverName + " -scanner-pool " + $ScannerPoolName + " -scanner-policy " + $ScanPol + " -cluster " + $ScanPolCluster


The -cluster flag is what we are missing....


any assistance in the next release would be great.

Re: NetApp PowerShell Toolkit 4.6 released!

I'm seeing the same with the version reporting as 4.4 instead of 4.6 with the cmdlet you mentioned.

Re: NetApp PowerShell Toolkit 4.6 released!

Sorry for being the obvious noob.  


We all start somewhere i guess.

When i goto the link you provided above (or any of the tool kit links for that matter), i can't seem to find any modules to download. 

I am redirected here:

I can't do anything but download the SANtricity package.  I already have WFA running on the system, and thus do not need anything other than the PowerShell toll kit.  From earlier versions, it looked like it was a .zip that you just extract into your modules directory.  I could be wrong about this.  

If i need to install everything, i am ok with that, but I could really use an install document.

Does anyone have a link to anything that can help me?  As i said earlier, i am a noob at powerShell and could really use some examples from a base WFA install.  

Re: NetApp PowerShell Toolkit 4.6 released!

Fun fact - I installed the SANtricity package and there are no modules in there.

I have now uninstalled it.  Does anyone know where i can find the tool kit .zip?

Re: NetApp PowerShell Toolkit 4.6 released!

Your link looks correct.  Are you downloading NetApp_PowerShell_Toolkit_4.6.0.msi ?

Re: NetApp PowerShell Toolkit 4.6 released!

I don't see the option for "NetApp_PowerShell_Toolkit_4.6.0.msi"

The only thing on the download page is the SANtricity stuff.

is it posisble we have diffrent access rights or something?

Re: NetApp PowerShell Toolkit 4.6 released!

Dear god.


Once i full screened my window, i noticed the check box and "continue" buttons.  



Thank you for trying to help!

Re: NetApp PowerShell Toolkit 4.6 released!

Is there any roadmap for getting this toolkit on Powershell Core?
I have a use case for managing hundreds of NetApps, but it requires the toolkit to be on PS Core.

Re: NetApp PowerShell Toolkit 4.6 released!

+1 for Powershell Core, the release is now at 6.1 and with the Visual Studio Code support as well, not having NetApp modules available is a major stumbling block.


Any update on this?