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is it possible to turn-off unused rule with OCPM



The customer environment is a pure NAS/NFS operation environment.

They were observed the memory usage of server is high when the rule load.

so, the question was, is it possible to turn-off unused rule(ex. SAN..etc) to release the memory to improve overall performance?

Another question,  the customer would like to build up a failure detect with alert when storage controller failed.

For example, if the controller did not response more than 5 mins with ping/echo, it will trigger the alert.

After checked the doc, i found some rule and monitor as below and that might be related with this function.

1.Controller Global Status Monitor
2.Controller HA Status Monitor
3.Controller global status rule
4.High availability state rule
5.Discovery rule

Can i utilize the rule and monitor as above to build this function?

Thank you so much for any suggestion and advice.


Re: is it possible to turn-off unused rule with OCPM


Hello Patrico,

You can use this powershell based concept illustrated in this blog to disable monitors

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