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"SDCLI snapvault archive" fails to execute randomly, where to check logs



Does "sdcli snapvault archive" example shown below, maintain the command execution logs somehere ?

sdcli snapvault archive -m <Server> -force -a <Snapshot> -DS P:\data  <Primary_Snapshot>

Our issue is this command works good sometime but sometime it is executed and also shows backupset submitted successfully, but no transfer occur from Primary to Secondary storage, in fact the Primary filer log messages doesn't show any indication of this snapvault archive request at all.

Just wondering where to look for errors, or if possible how to enable SDCLI snapvault debug logging?

Thx --Sanjeev



On the secondary filer you could check /etc/log/auditlog to see if the snapvault update command is run, if so then check /etc/log/snapmirror to see if there's a reason the transfer fails. The files rotate through auditlog, auditlog.0, auditlog.1 etc etc as they get older.

You can also take a look at `snapvault status -l` on the secondary to see if it gives a reason for transfer failure.

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