Using Invoke-NaLockBreak


I've just started using the Powershell for administration off our filer.

I want to unlock some locked files. I can do that in the console but from a powershell it must be more easier. In the documentation is the command "Invoke-NaLockBreak" mentioned ( in the page get-nalockstatus) but i can't find more info for it.

Is there more information for this command?

Thanks in advance



Using Invoke-NaLockBreak

Hi Jari,

There is not an Invoke-NaLockBreak cmdlet in the tookit.  We had originally planned to include the lock-break API as Invoke-NaLockBreak, which is why it is referenced in the help for Get-NaLockStatus, but we were unable to in the last release.  It is still up for consideration in a future release.


Using Invoke-NaLockBreak

Hi Steven

Tthanks for the answer. It's a i need to search a different approach for the problem.