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set-ncquota -target



i want to know, why the parmeter -target has to have the volume /vol/VOLNAME/qtree path in it:

PS C:\Users\c5103331> set-ncquota -Volume myfirstvol -target quota -type tree -disklimit 1g -Vservercontext derotvs0002

Set-NcQuota : Invalid target quota specified for tree quota rule.  Target for explicit tree quota rule for volume myfir

stvol must be in "/vol/myfirstvol/<qtree-name>" format.

At line:1 char:12

+ set-ncquota <<<<  -Volume myfirstvol -target quota -type tree -disklimit 1g -Vservercontext derotvs0002

    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (NetApp.Ontapi.Filer.C.NcController[]:NcController[]) [Set-NcQuota], E


    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ApiException,DataONTAP.C.PowerShell.SDK.Cmdlets.Quota.SetNcQuota

set-ncquota -Volume myfirstvol -target /vol/myfirstvol/quota -type tree -disklimit 1g -Vservercontext derotvs0002

On the the cli

volume quota rule create -vserver derotvs0002 -policy-name default -volume myfirstvol -type tree -target quota -disk-limit 1g

volume quota> rule show -vserver derotvs0002 -policy-name default -volume myfirstvol

  (volume quota policy rule show)

Vserver: derotvs0002       Policy: default           Volume: myfirstvol

                                               Soft             Soft

                         User         Disk     Disk   Files    Files

Type   Target    Qtree   Mapping     Limit    Limit   Limit    Limit  Threshold

-----  --------  ------- -------  --------  -------  ------  -------  ---------

tree   q_first   ""      -            10GB        -       -        -          -

tree   quota     ""      -             1GB        -       -        -          -

2 entries were displayed.

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Quotes only exist on qtrees (not volumes) and to date, I've always had  to refer to LUNs and QTrees by their paths.  In this case, since you are setting a quota on a qtree, you have to specify the path to the QT.  I imagine the reason why is you can have more than one LUN or qtree in a volume, so specifying the volume name is not specific enough.


I named the qtree "quota" but its strange the i have to enter in the target also the volumen name. I would expect, that i only enter the name of the qtree.

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I think any API that interacts with either a LUN or Qtree expects a path, not just a name.  I'm willing to bet there aren't many (if any) exceptions.  Get-NaLun for instance expects a LUN path, not a LUN name.  Get-NaQtree is the same way.