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NCDA certification


Hi All,

I want to prepare for NCDA certification. I dont have option for NCDA boot camp. Is there a way of doing certification without boot camp? Also I have completed the WBTs and basic courses which are pre-requisites for NCDA certificate. Is there any other resource available with the help of which I can complete this certification. Is there any link for the study guide that can be provided?




Re: NCDA certification


Is this for 7-Mode or C-Mode?

Here is a study guide for 7-Mode

Re: NCDA certification


Thanks Coleman,

I am preparing for 7-mode and thanks for the guide. But on the NOW site it says Data ONTAP 7-Mode Administrator (NS0-155). Whether this guide is sufficient for the exam preparations ? Is there any other links which you have that can help me achieve that?


Re: NCDA certification


The only thing that's changed since NS0-154 to NS0-155 is the new features that 8.1 brought,

If you know those, you should be good.

Here are some highlights,

- 64bit aggrs

- FilerView is gone

- Flash pools

- Flash Cache (not PAM cards anymore)

- Vol move

- Aggr / Vol maximums that changed with 8.x

- Data compression

- New controllers that depend on 8.x (2240)

- ESH / ESH2 modules for DS14 shelf are no longer supported

...I can't really think of anything else off the top of my head, but if you go to > documentaiton > Data ONTAP > 8.1.2 7-Mode

There is a section that will tell you all of the new stuff that has been released with 8.x, a lot of stuff changed after 8.1.x, and I doubt it made it into the test, but if you understand all the changes in 8.1.2, you're truly ready for the test.

Then get ready to embrace C-Mode, which has drastically different material, but is where everything is going. (I think getting yourself prepped and able to pass the 7-mode test is a good idea though)

Re: NCDA certification


Thanks for sharing that information. I will go through the same and revert if there are any questions.

Thanks much.

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