NetApp System Change Calendar

*Updated* March 10th, 2023 - Planned Maintenance



Affected Services and/or Tools 

Friday,  March 10th,  from 8:30 pm to 1:30 am March 11 Pacific Time

  • Active IQ Mobile
    • Active IQ mobile app users will not be able to search for cases.
    • Users will not be able to view open and closed cases.
    • Users will not be able to view P1 cases.
    • Users will not be able to view the case details and case notes on the app, including the favorited cases.
    • Case search will not be available.
    • Case details will not be available.
    • Case update functionality will not be available.
    • Upgrade Advisor Reports will not generate.
  • AutoSupport on Demand (AODS)
    • Cloud serial number registration, validation and entitlement services will not be available.
  • File Upload Utilities
    • Core file upload functionality will not be available.
    • Case validations will not be available.
  • NetApp Support Site Functions
    • Users will not be able to create, view or update Technical Cases and Non-Technical Cases.  
    • Parts RMA, Product Registration, Warranty FRU lookup and Warranty Admin will be unavailable.
    • View/update Warranty FRU lookup and Warranty Admin, Parts RMA
    • Product Registration, Serial Number Profile Search will be unavailable.
    • Serial Number Profile Search and Installed Products / Entitlement information will be unavailable.
    • New external user registrations and user profile updates cannot be processed and will not be queued. Registrations need to be performed again after the downtime.

  • Net2 (Partners only)
    • FSO Lookup and update functionalities will not be available.
    • Survey Capability will not be available.
    • Transactional Lookup will not be available.
  • SAP (Partners only)
    • External user enablement, disablement, and updates will be queued.

    • External user registration to SAP will not be processed or queued..  

  • SmartSolve TS (Partners only)
    • Case-related functionality (My Cases, Case Search, Case Notes, Case Details, View Related Cases) will be unavailable.

Purpose/Customer Benefits

  • Quarterly Maintenance


NetApp Support Site Search

  • For KB content, customers and partners can go directly to
  • For Product Documentation and other library content, please use NSS navigation to access the content instead of search.

All Other Applications
There are no workarounds for the impacts listed during the specified windows.


Connect with NetApp Support



Contact NetApp Technical Support for support escalation needs during this downtime: 

  • US & Canada: +1 888 463 8277
  • EMEA & Europe: +800 44 NETAPP
  • Asia & Pacific: +800 800 80 800

If you have a NetApp-assigned support representative, you may contact your representative for technical help

during the downtime.