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NDMP NetApp Recommendations vs Commvault

I apologize if my questions was discussed in the past but I couldnt find anything similar.


Trying to understand the best practices between NAS Clients configuration between Commvault and NetApp. Have NetApp storage systems running ONTAP 9.x and Commvault as the backup system. NDMP was configured and enabled and essentially want to send backups from volumes to tape.


In regards to the network/data flow I have two different types of information which I dont seem to fully understand.


Commvault tells me to use data "lifs" (

  • For any ONTAP version, when you configure a NAS client or when you configure a storage array, provide the host name or IP address of a data port (for example, e0A, or e0B), instead of using the management port (for example, e0M). If you use the management port, then reassign the host name or IP address of the management port to a data port on the file server.

NetApp tells me to use Intercluster lifs ( 

"In order for Commvault IntelliSnap for NetApp to discover volumes on an SVM, you must add the cluster management LIF of the cluster that contains the SVM to the CommCell console in the Array Management dialog box."


Isnt the Commvault statement controversial to what Netapp paper is saying?



Then I jumped into the NDMP Guide and read this: (

You can perform NDMP backup from any LIF as permitted by the firewall policies. If you use a "data LIF", you must select a LIF that is not configured for failover. If a data LIF fails over during an NDMP operation, the NDMP operation fails and must be run again.


Page 48 says that the Data LIFs doesnt have access to tape. 


Network Management Guide:  (Page 66)

Intercluster LIF: A LIF that is used for cross-cluster communication, "backup", and replication. You must create an intercluster LIF on each node in the cluster before a cluster peering relationship can be established. These LIFs can only fail over to ports in the same node. They cannot be migrated or failed over to another node in the cluster.


Few questions;

1- What is the best practice for NetApp as to NDMP Backup? Use or not Data LIF?

2- If Data LIFs can't access tape devices, how does the backup operation dumps the data into tape?

3- Am I missing something to fully understand the NDMP process/capabilities?


Thanks in advance.


Re: NDMP NetApp Recommendations vs Commvault

Yes, you should read and better understand the different methods available to create snapshots with Intellisnap for NetApp product and the way you can configure your tape libraries for NDMP backups 
try this.

Re: NDMP NetApp Recommendations vs Commvault

I read the documents, in fact I posted my references from commvault and netapp, that is one of the reasons why I created this thread, because to me some statements are conflicting. The link isnt helpul since it is related to configuration which isnt my problem. Is this something you can help answering @Vijay_ramamurthy ?

Re: NDMP NetApp Recommendations vs Commvault

There two type of connections that they needed. (Control connection and data connection)


If the backup application supports Cluster Aware Backup (CAB), you can configure NDMP as SVM-scoped at the cluster (admin SVM) level, which enables you to back up all volumes hosted across different nodes of the cluster. Otherwise, you can configure node-scoped NDMP, which enables you to back up all the volumes hosted on that node.


Configuring LIFs


You must identify the LIFs that will be used for establishing a data connection between the data and tape resources, and for a control connection between the admin SVM and the backup application. After identifying the LIFs, you must verify that firewall and failover policies are set for the LIFs, and specify the preferred interface role.


Does it make sense to you now?



Re: NDMP NetApp Recommendations vs Commvault

Thanks for taking time and responding, but I dont think I made myself clear on my question. I am not looking for the differecences between node scope or svm. I am trying to understand why Commvault recommends "data port (for example, e0A, or e0B), instead of using the management port (for example, e0M)." and NetApp recommends "Ensure that the firewall policy is enabled for NDMP on the intercluster, cluster-management (cluster-mgmt), and node-management (node-mgmt) LIFs" NetApp and Commvault reference link above.



Re: NDMP NetApp Recommendations vs Commvault

Do let us know if you found an answer