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OpenVMS Connectivity


I wonder if some one is using NettApp for storage solution for OpenVMS environment?

And if how do you use.

Booting from SAN ?

Running DBOracle and Oracle RDB in a heavy production environment.

And if i have put this question in wrong group please point me to the right place.




Re: OpenVMS Connectivity

Hi kjell,

I will move this thread to our product and solutions area for more visibilty.


Thanks so much!
Terri Peluso
Senior Community Program Manager

Re: OpenVMS Connectivity

I would also like to have some information.

I would only like to know if it'll work with older version of OpenVMS (7.1) with Boot on San. We won't need support as it is archives.

Re: OpenVMS Connectivity

yes it does work,

I've done one install a couple of years ago of a OpenVMS cluster running Oracle FCP - booting from the SAN as well as a couple of Tru64 alphas also booting from the SAN. I believe it was openvms 7.1

we support openvms on a pvr basis only,

have no idea what is the case for tru64.

Re: OpenVMS Connectivity

Thank you for your answer.

Any particularity to take into account when connecting to the NetApp (igroups - zoning - etc ...) ?

Re: OpenVMS Connectivity

yes there are some best practices settings that you need to follow - glad that you asked as I had forgotten about them

will look into where I have that .doc and upload it here tomorrow

Re: OpenVMS Connectivity

found it,

see .pdf attached,

and enjoy your openvms on netapp

Re: OpenVMS Connectivity


Thanks for informatione.

Du you run OpenVMS and NetApp om your site?

And if what version on Openvms and type of HW ?

We will run (if we use NetApp) OpenVMS 8.3-1h and 7.3

HW Itaniumblade and Alpha servers.



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