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Accelerate accessbasedenum (with Flash Cache)


Hi Guys

We have two FAS3140 that we use as classic fileserver (so, CIFS only).

Since we are using windows 7 with policies, where folder redirection is enabled, we experience lags on our clients. I took some network traces on a client and I found the problem. We have qtree containing 2500 home dirs. On this share, the accessbasedenum-option is active and it's the reason for the lag. It takes up to 16 seconds to list the directories on this share/qtree. Without ABE, it takes 1 second...

I have to say, that I really like ABE, but the perfomance makes it a totally no-go.

So the question  is: Does Flash Cache accelerate ABE? or is it just a CPU-intensive feature?

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TR-3832 wvailble on now site is a good documnet for understanding how flash cache works.

Also please make sure tha cache is tuned on by verfying "options flexscale.enable on" (For PAM II).


Hi baijulal

Thank you for you response.

I already have some experience with flash cache, but not in a cifs environment.

If the card is caching the metadata (and directory structure), does it also cache "user views"? Theoretically, every user can have a different view on a directory structure when access-based enumeration is enabled. If the user view isn't cached, the the filer has to check the permissions of every directory for the users "LIST" command and that would also be a cpu intensive operation.

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