Network and Storage Protocols

Command Line Interface (CLI) seems to be hung.


Hello All,

I was not aware of any issue like this before.

When trying to get into the filer using putty's 'ssh', it asks for the username/password. After entering the same, it hangs. This has been happening since the last 2 days and we have ensured that no body else is logged in.

On the contrary, the Filerview is working fine. The option to use commands via the Filerview shows the exact situation as through putty and hangs.

Can anybody share what could be the reason and how to troubleshoot this issue.

Else we might need to reboot the filer.





Can you find out what was the last command executed from the storage system's CLI, look into syslog messages.


You can also trying to send a remote ssh command from another server to see if it replies:

ssh root@<filername> df -Ag

for example.


You could also try to run remote rsh command from a windows machine to check if the filer is responding. If it does then filer should return to command prompt in few days. A command like 'cifs testdc' may have been run which takes a very long time to run sometimes. Hope this helps.