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Hello, quick licensing question:

What is the difference between SW-T2C and SW-T2?  For example we are getting quotes on some new software for a DR project and some of the licenses are listed as SW-T2C-VRTL-BNDL-P while others are listed as SW-T2-NFS.  It seems like we need two of the T2C's and only one of the T2's.





As best I know here are some of the things to look at:

SW = Software

T2 = Tier Two

BNDL = Bundle

Based on that you put up, it looks like you are looking at the following:

If you saw "SW-T2C-VRTL-BNDL-P" and "SW-T2-NFS"  I would extrapolate that you are adding NFS to a bundle.

There is now way of stating what the first one is, with out having access to customer edge or the vendors quote tool.

You need to go back to the vendor and figure out what is in the bundle that they are quoting.

Good luck.


I am really just looking to see what the difference is between the "T2" and the "T2C", and why one would be used over the other and in what situations.  On the web there are price lists for everything with a T2 and a T2C in front of the the NFS, CIFS, etc..  I just cannot seem to find the reason for using each.  I have asked my vendor (waiting for a reply), but I just want to double check for my own learning.