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Moving a volume containing CIFS shares to another aggregate


Hi All

All of our Filers are FAS2040's running OnTap 7.3.4.  FilerA is the Production system and FilerB is effectively its DR (all the volumes on FilerA are snapmirrored onto this system)

Issue:  We need to expand one of the volumes on FilerA (and as a consequence on FilerB).  The aggregate this volume sits on doesn't have enough space so the plan is to move another volume onto a different aggregate.

I've done some searching and found lots of info on this but everything I've read only deals with moving the source volume of a snapmirror to a new aggregate.  In our case we're going to be moving both!

So I've come up with this plan which I believe (hope) will work and would appreciate people having a look and letting me know if I've missed something obvious or am in danger of losing any data!

The volume to be moved is called cifsvol4.  The work will be carried out overnight so we've no problem with any outage

On FilerA

- stop cifs

- take a copy of snapmirror.conf, just in case

On FilerB

- update the snapmirror of cifsvol4

- when complete, quiesce and break the snapmirror relationship

On BOTH filers

- create a new volume on the other aggregate call cifsvol4_NEW

- restrict the new volume (volume restrict cifsvol4_NEW)

On FilerA

- make cifsvol4 read-only  (volume restrict cifsvol4)

On BOTH Filers

- start the volume copy of cifsvol4  (volume copy start -S cifsvol4 cifsvol4_NEW)

When the volume copies have finished

On Both Filers

- rername cifsvol4 cifsvol4_OLD

- rename cifsvol4_NEW cifsvol4

On FilerA

- make sure cifsvol4 is read-write  (volume online cifsvol4)

On FIlerB

- check that cifsvol4 is restricted

- this is the bit where I'm a little uncertain.  Do I just resume the snapmirror or do I have to resync?

Thanks for any and all your help





you can use snapmirror to migrate your volumen.

in your first step you can copy your volumen to your new destination on your new aggregate, after that you can stop cifs. update your volumen and rename it.

stop cifs from begin is not necassary.

sry for my english, i try to do my best...