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NDMP in netapp FAS 3140


I've 12 CIFS share of 10 TB each under FAS 3140, which is in production. preparing to install a tape library with media server (Legarto-Networker-EMC) & they have NDMP license option.

Do I need a NDMP license from EMC Legarto Networker(media server) ??? to take a backup of CIFS share ??

If No then will the through-put will be ok mounting a CIFS share on server & taking backup ??

If yes then I think I need to enable NDMP in netapp FAS3140 , will it affect anything in production ??  which is running now.

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Yes, you need NDMP license for NetWorker to utilize NDMP backup (i.e. direct to tape or over network to DSA). License is per filer and tiered.

Whether backup via CIFS shares is OK depends on your requirements, such as backup window, LAN speed etc. NDMP is likely to be faster even if run over network, due to streaming nature. Also keep in mind, that when backing up via CIFS shares files will be indexed under server that mounted share, not under filer name. But for 120TB of storage I’d seriously consider alternative approach like SnapVault.

You can enable NDMP on filer at any time, it should not affect anything.


One question, NDMP can be configured as FC and network based ??

If it can configured with FC then how to cofigure it ??

If it can be configured with already present network then how to confogure it ??


To configure NDMP with FC , you may need to do following steps
1. NDMP license for your backup software
2. NDMP enabled on filer
3. Create a NDMP user and encrypt that user ( ndmpd password "user_name"  )
-> This is good practice to use a separate user for NDMP other than root , if it is root no need to encrypt it ..

4. You need to have a HBA port on filer , and need to connect the Tape drive with that HBA ( either through FC switch or direct connection, if switch connection need to do zoning as well )

5. once proper connection is done , try sysconfig -t and sysconfig -m , to find the tape drive and media changer information.
6. Once all these done , we are done with netapp, now need to go to the backup master/media server and do the remaining configuration there based on vendor recommendation

hope this helps .. good luck