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NFS default permission


Hi folks - well since I'm not having any luck elsewhere - I'm having an issue with NFS default permissions in a VMware ESXi environment.


In the past, when I created a new volume for NFS, I could go directly to vCenter and mount the NFS export, and write to it (create VMDKs, etc)


Now, if I create a new volume for NFS, I'm able to mount it OK in ESXi however I cannot write to it.


To work around - in System Manager I have to go to Exports highlight my export path and edit the permissions, and set "Grant root access to all hosts" under Anonymous Access.  


I have to do this for EACH export.  Is there a way to apply a configuration where I would no longer need to do this each time I create or clone a new volume for NFS export, and my ESXi hosts will have read/write access?


I know I can define access for each volume using root=IPaddrofmyVMhost but I would like to make this global on my filer





There are two ways of managing this.  We have one ESX environment that's pretty simple, so we define the export permissions under the 'default' export policy for the SVM and any volume created in that SVM gets the export policy automatically.


In our other environments, we create a specific export policy for every volume prior to creating the volume.  Once the policy is defined, we create the volume and specify that export policy as part of the volume creation.


I think that mostly answers what you're looking for, but respond back if I've missed something...