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Performance problem with VMWare View Persona Management and Profile redirected on a NetApp CIFS Share


Hi all, we are having a performance problem with VMWare View client that use Persona Management for User Profile.

We have an infrastructure with persistant desktop (linked clone) and we use Persona Management to cache user data from the Persona Profile share on the windows desktop.

Our Infrastructure is composed by a 3270HA (so 2 head) with 24 SAS 15k 450 GB each. We've a single aggregate per head. On one head we have VM disks, on the second head there is the Persona Management cifs share.

NetApp release is 7.3.6P2. Persona management share is on a vfiler (for Disaster Recovery Management).

ESX host have 2x10Gbit network dedicated to NFS Storage/Vmotion network and 2x10 Gbit for Virtual Machine networks.

3270 has 2x10Gbit (HA) on the NFS Storage Network and 2x 10Gbit (HA) on the same VLAN with Virtual Machines.

Virtual Desktop are windows 7 machine and SMBv2 is used on vfiler and VM.

When users log in Persona Management check difference between local cached data and those present on the CIFS Share. This operation with 30000 (so not really much) will take about 6 minutes.

We used the same set of file and shared them on a Windows 2008 server (in this case the traffic is also passing through a firewall) and it takes about 8-10 seconds for the user to login.

Anyone had those kind of problem or have any idea and know if there's any kind of options we can setup (like SMB V2 not working good, disable oplocks, tcp options) ?

Those are the options cifs on the vfiler:

cifs.LMCompatibilityLevel 1

cifs.audit.account_mgmt_events.enable off


cifs.audit.autosave.file.limit 0

cifs.audit.autosave.onsize.enable off

cifs.audit.autosave.onsize.threshold 75%

cifs.audit.autosave.ontime.enable off

cifs.audit.autosave.ontime.interval 1d

cifs.audit.enable off

cifs.audit.file_access_events.enable on


cifs.audit.liveview.enable off

cifs.audit.logon_events.enable on

cifs.audit.logsize 524288

cifs.audit.nfs.enable off


cifs.audit.saveas /etc/log/adtlog.evt

cifs.bypass_traverse_checking on


cifs.gpo.enable off

cifs.gpo.trace.enable off

cifs.grant_implicit_exe_perms off



cifs.idle_timeout 1800

cifs.ipv6.enable off

cifs.max_mpx 1124

cifs.ms_snapshot_mode xp


cifs.netbios_over_tcp.enable on

cifs.nfs_root_ignore_acl off

cifs.oplocks.enable on

cifs.oplocks.opendelta 0

cifs.per_client_stats.enable off


cifs.perm_check_ro_del_ok off

cifs.perm_check_use_gid on

cifs.preserve_unix_security off

cifs.restrict_anonymous 0

cifs.restrict_anonymous.enable off

cifs.rpcfd_timeout -1

cifs.save_case on



cifs.show_snapshot off

cifs.shutdown_msg_level 2

cifs.sidcache.enable on

cifs.sidcache.lifetime 1440

cifs.signing.enable off

cifs.smb2.client.enable on

cifs.smb2.durable_handle.enable on

cifs.smb2.durable_handle.timeout 16m

cifs.smb2.enable on

cifs.smb2.signing.required off

cifs.snapshot_file_folding.enable off

cifs.symlinks.cycleguard on

cifs.symlinks.enable on

cifs.trace_dc_connection off

cifs.trace_login off

cifs.universal_nested_groups.enable on

cifs.weekly_W2K_password_change off

cifs.widelink.ttl 10m



Did you ever figure anything out for this?  We are having the same problems with a somewhat similar setup.


I think the problem is now solved but now I don't remember what the exact solution was and I should ask to people responsible for View that now are in holidays.

If I remember well there is some kind of bug in Persona Management agent and is now solved with the 5.1 upgrade (but I'm not sure).