Network and Storage Protocols

Port Usage


When I run the netstat –a command on my filers running 8.1.4.P6 7-mode I see that there are two ports, from unsigned port groups, that are in the LISTEN state and one is tied to a loopback address.


*.951                 *.*                        0      0      0      0 LISTEN       *.*                        0      0      0      0 LISTEN 


What are these two ports being used for? The default /etc/service file is in place and rpcifio output does not show anything. I am thinking since there is a loopback address tied to one of the ports it must be used for some type of internal communication however; I would like to see some documentation explaining this?

I looked for some documentation explaining what could be using thiese ports on the NetApp Support site however; the only thing I could find is the published Port Usage article which was not much help.