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Questions on FAS snmp statistic collection


Hi  There,

Can anybody help to answer following questions regarding FAS snmp statistic collection, thanks in advance.

1, what's the meaning of "since the last time the statistics were cleared"in the MIB library, and what's the interval of statistic-clearing if it is cleard by FAS automatically?

SYNTAX  Counter
ACCESS  read-only
STATUS  mandatory
  "The number of RPC calls for the TCP protocol
    received whose header could not be XDR decoded,
    since the last time the statistics were cleared."
::= { rpcServ 10 }

2, what does "ifHighInOctets" statistics do ?

3, what is the snmp event for "disk utilization" ?

4, what is the best practice for setting up "snmp get" interval for FAS statistic collection?

This is quite urgent and I'm looking forward to your prompt replys, Thanks again,



NetApp Alumni

1. NFS statistics are cleared by the command nfsstat -z command.

2. I believe an octet is a piece of information that ranges from 0 to 255, so ifHighInOctets needs to be combined with ifLowInOctets for a 64 bit counter that represents the total number of octets received on the interface, including framing characters.

3. There is no SNMP event for disk utilization.

4. As for SNMP polling times, I have not seen a best practices.  I would reccommend to keep the poll time over 5 seconds.

   - Rick -