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Using both OpenLDAP and Active Directory




Let me first introduce the context of my company. We have 2 environments : Unix and Windows with a Netapp Filer.

Unix environment is based on a on old and historical NIS server and an a more modern directoy service based on OpenLdap (users have the same login name and uid).

The Windows environement is powered by an Active Directory (i'm not adminstrator of this part but I don't see UNIX extension in the schema, so I suppose the RFC 2307 extension is not configured).

The Netapp is actually configured to use NIS and Active Directory to manage usermapping and it's working well.

I want to get ride of the old NIS server and use OpenLdap instead for the UNIX clients. So, I'm asking if it's possible for the Netapp to use the OpenLdap server for UNIX clients and perform usermapping with the Active Directory ?







Yes, this is possible. AD for SMB access and Windows user identities is a different service from LDAP for UNIX identities. ONTAP can be a client for both. You'd just want to ensure the UNIX usernames match the Windows usernames for easiest configuration (ie, no need for name mapping rules).


See TR-4835 for info on configuring LDAP.


See TR-4887 for multiprotocol NAS info:




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