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40TB volume with snapmirror ON


Hi Admins,


We have a 40TB NetApp Volume which has LUNs provisioned out of it. This volume is exclusively being used for LUNs. To protect the LUN data, we have configured snapmirror of this volume and it is getting replicated to DR fine. The snapmirror transfer schedule starts daily at 5PM.

Recently we noticed that the snapmirror is not updating the volume and the LAG shows 70 days also a detail error in the message window shows (CSM: An operation did not complete within the specified timeout window.))


XYZ::> volume snapshot show -volume XYZ_Data_vol
Vserver Volume Snapshot Size Total% Used%
-------- -------- ------------------------------------- -------- ------ -----
8.39TB 22% 25%
4.63TB 12% 16%
2 entries were displayed.



bt-app-nass::> df -h XYZ_Data_vol
Filesystem total used avail capacity Mounted on Vserver
/vol/XYZ_Data_vol/ 38TB 37TB 429GB 99% --- bt-vlp-nass-02.XYZ.local
/vol/XYZ_Data_vol/.snapshot 0B 13TB 0B 0% --- bt-vlp-nass-02.XYZ.local
2 entries were displayed.



Since we are running out of space on the volume, am thinking if we can delete both the snapshots ?. Even if we delete the two snapshots and enable snapmirror - What will happen ?


Thank you.


Re: 40TB volume with snapmirror ON


Deleting those snapshots means that snapmirror relationship won't be able to work anymore. You would need to reconfigure it from scratch with transferring the whole source volume 40TB

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