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7 MTT Free or Licensed?



            just wanted to know if the 7 mode transistion tool is free or a licensed one. We do have snapmirror licenses on the source and destination controllers, will this suffice or do we have to purchase a license to use 7MTT.




Re: 7 MTT Free or Licensed?


7MTT is free,


you can download this from below link



the documentation..(pasting from the above link..)


7-Mode Transition Tool enables you to collect information about and assess 7-Mode controllers, hosts, switches and applications for transition. You can then migrate your data and configurations from 7-Mode to clustered Data ONTAP® by using either copy-based transition or copy-free transition.

While installing the tool, you must select either copy-based transition or copy-free transition as the migration method.

  • Copy-based transition: Enables you to copy 7-Mode volumes and configurations to clustered Data ONTAP by using SnapMirror® technology.
  • Copy-free transition: Enables you to connect 7-Mode disk shelves to target cluster nodes and transition configurations from 7-Mode systems to clustered Data ONTAP.

Licensing requirements

SnapMirror must be licensed on the 7-Mode storage system. If the 7-Mode system does not have a SnapMirror license, you can obtain a temporary SnapMirror license for transition from your sales representative.




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Re: 7 MTT Free or Licensed?


Thank you venkat

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