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Hello Team,


I am trying to install the 7-mtt tool on a win 2019 server datacenter, [I know is not supported as per documentation], however, Netapp lab on demand has a lab that is working in there without no issues, I am getting the alert that I attach, anyone can help me on this?


I've tried with the local account and the admin account for the win server


Re: 7-MTT

This one comes down to I think RTFM. 

What you need to do is right click on the install exe file and choose properties

 select the compatibility tab

 choose one of the supported operating systems listed here


(like windows 8.1 enterprise or windows 2012 server)


 I’ve done it. It works. 


Re: 7-MTT



Thanks for the aid, while I attempt to select the compatibility only appears Os to old and the only one valid is Windows 7, but it did not work, based on that document there is not more options, what can I do?

Re: 7-MTT

Try a slightly older windows server or use a desktop version and set the compatibility per the document

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