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7-Mode CIFS Requires WINS?

Do 7-mode CIFS Servers require WINS? We just switched to Server 2019 DCs which no longer support WINS, and the administrative CIFS Server on our aging 7-mode system no longer works. it will likely be gone in less than a year anyway but would like to administer it in the meantime. It discovers the DCs and picks one, shows up green in System Manager, and I can ping it, but can't browse with \\<name>.


Re: 7-Mode CIFS Requires WINS?



7-mode System does not require WINS. I believe you are able to access the system via IP. if you are which you should be you might just need to configure dns or try running the cifs setup and reconfigure the cids server with the new DC.

Re: 7-Mode CIFS Requires WINS?

Thank you! It ended up being something else unrelated and we resolved the issue. Thanks again!

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