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7-mode to cDOT SAN transition -- preserving snapshot history


Hi All,


Planning a migration with 2 HA pairs on 7-mode to 2 separate switchless clusters. Vast majority of source data is SAN LUN (Exchange, SQL - which uses SnapManager snapshots). Cust has indicated the preserving the 7-mode snapshots is a MUST. I don;t believe this is possible using any of the migration tools. I was leaning on using 7MTT 2.0, but notice there is a caveat of Snapmanager snapshots from 7-mode not being preserved. Other than the 7MTT 2.0, no other solutions exsist. My strategy if this is the case is to ask the customer to let the snapshots age out (5 day retention) as this may be the only choice.


One final caveat. a 3rd Cluster is to be configured, thats a 3210 HA pait that will act as their snapmirror cluster (intercluster relationship). If we must go to 8.3 for the data clusters, will 8.2 work for the 3210 cluster, as that is not suppoeted with 8.3.


Anyone in the field familiar with this scenario - SAN LUN migration ans keeping snapshots from 7-mode to cDOT.






Hi Rich,


This is neto from Brazil


How are you?


Please send me an email at neto at netapp dot com.


I am thinking loud here if you could use SnapMirror to replicated based on snap1 (source) to dest and when it finishes create a snapshot on the AFS. Keep doing the same for all snapshots.


Send me an email and we will talk to see if we can find an alternative.




All the best



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