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7MTT: migrate from multiple 7-mode filers to one single SVM?


in 7MTT v2.3 it's not possible anymore to create multiple projects with the same destination SVM!

when migrating from multiple source 7-mode filers to one destination SVM, the second project cannot be created until the first one has been completed.

this completely delays our whole migration plan, as the second filer cannot be migrated in the same maintenance window.


is there any workaround for this?

besides installing a second 7MTT instance or creating additional SVMs?



Hello Dominic,


I work for NetApp doing 7toC transition consulting and happy to let you know there is a workaround you can use to allow vserver parallel consolidation within 7MTT.


Some background first -


7MTT does a great job automating the configuration of your destination SVM or vserver based on the configuration of your source 7-mode environment.  It will bring over all kinds of settings on your behalf, and 7MTT 2.3 allows the most granularity in which configurations to bring over which is a great reason to use the latest and greatest.  So thank you for doing that!


The reason 7MTT initially blocks you from doing setting up multiple projects with different source 7-mode to a single destination SVM is because 7MTT knows that multiple source 7-mode controllers could have differing settings - such as different DNS, time, or preferred Active Directory servers configured.  It will not de-conflict them on your behalf, that is up to you as the storage admin to know which settings you want to be persistent.  Because of that, the setting is hidden on the 7MTT server.


I would reach out to your NetApp account team or preferred Partner, or you can submit a support case and ask them to reference NetApp KB 3014093 for how to un-hide this setting.


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Hadrian Baron