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CLI quota report


In C.DOT  cli when you run a quota report like this

mycluster::> volume quota report -vserver mysvm -fields volume ,tree ,disk-used , disk-limit

vserver volume     index tree      disk-used disk-limit
------- ---------- ----- --------- --------- ----------
svm01  vol0102 1     test2 51.95MB   100GB
svm01  vol0103 0     test3     0B        100GB
svm01  vol0104 0     test4   39.1GB   100GB


The disk-used field shows Human readable, which is fine some time but when you have more then 20 lines of quotas you cannot see the big ones.

so any one knows the trick to get it all in the same format ? like KB, MB or ...


Re: CLI quota report


Try the "set" command from ClusterShell.  I discussed it here as well.



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