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7MTT to Support LUNs

Really looking forward to seeing 7MTT support LUN transitions. is this coming soon as many of my large eneterprise customers will not migrate without it.




Re: 7MTT to Support LUNs

Due to the differences between 7-mode LUNs and cDOT LUNs, I doubt this would be integrated.  Are you aware of the DTA for migrating LUNs?  It's a device available through NetApp that will permit a transition from 7-mode to cDOT. 

Re: 7MTT to Support LUNs

There is already WFA workflow that does it.

Re: 7MTT to Support LUNs

7MTT does support LUN transition starting with V2.0 release. And this is license free tool. 7-Mode LUNs get transitioned to C-Mode LUNs.

Re: 7MTT to Support LUNs

Yes it seems it does, but only 64 Bit Volumes are supported, therefore its not possible to migrate from later Ontap 7 Versions. In my case i have the pain with a FAS3210 HA Pair with PAM and this source can not upgraded to Ontap Version 8 for 64 BIT Support 😞

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Re: 7MTT to Support LUNs

7MTT 2.0 supports Lun transition.

the tool is out for download now.


7MTT Windows download



7MTT Linux  download:





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