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Mixed Security Style and Multiprotocol Access



I have a mixed mode security style qtree and I have shared it via CIFS and exported with NFS.

From a Windows client I can access, modify and create files. It's working OK.

From a RedHat 6 server I can access, modify files but not create. Export settings are looking to be true, NFS client IP has R/W access. When I try to create a file following happens :


[root@servername mixed]# touch x
touch: cannot touch `x': Permission denied


Any ideas whats going wrong here?



DataONTAP 8.2 7-Mode


Re: Mixed Security Style and Multiprotocol Access


Most probably because you do not have "write" permissions on the parent directory of "x".

This happens even for root because the effective security style of the volume would be NTFS at this time.

You can check this with the command " fsecurity show /vol/mixedvol" (substitute the appropriate volume name here)


The solution is to put correct name mapping in place via /etc/usermap.cfg.

Setting the option "cifs.nfs_root_ignore_acl" to "on"  may help for root user's access to the files.


You may also review the option "cifs.preserve_unix_security" and see if it applies here.

Check with "man options" for more details.


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