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ONTAP Discussions

Changing volumeFull and volumeNearlyFull Thresholds Which Trigger Filer Global Status to Change to Warning or Error?


I am looking for information on how to change the behavior which places a filer's Global Status into a warning or error state whenever a volume exceeds 95% (nearly full) or 98% (full) respectively.

This is not a question about Operations Manager or OnCommand, but about how to lower or raise the thresholds in OnTap which tell the filer's global status to change to warning or error when volumes exceed these nearly full or full thresholds.

Is this configurable on a per volume basis or is it a global WAFL setting?

Ultimately we would like different thresholds for each volume. We want vol1 to put the filer's Global Status into a warning state at 80% full and vol2 to put the filer into a warning state at 99.9999999999% .

I am aware of the setting for triggering "Nearly Full" automatic space reclamation activities such as snapshot autodelete and volume autogrow. I don't think this is what I want.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.




if you want to have it set across all volumes you can do it at WAFL level:

*       wafl_reclaim_threshold_t -- tiny volume (0b <= volume size < 20gb)
        trigger % = 85
*       wafl_reclaim_threshold_s -- small volume (20gb <= volume size < 100gb)
        trigger % = 90
*       wafl_reclaim_threshold_m -- medium volume (100gb <= volume size < 500gb)
        trigger % = 92
*       wafl_reclaim_threshold_l -- large volume (500gb <= volume size < 1tb)
        trigger % = 95
*       wafl_reclaim_threshold_xl -- xlarge volume (1tb <= volume size < x)
        trigger % = 98

The following are sample commands (run under priv set advanced):

filer*> printflag wafl_reclaim_threshold_t
   (This will show the current value for wafl_reclaim_threshold_t)

filer*> setflag wafl_reclaim_threshold_t 80
   (This will change the threshold to 80%)


Will this be applicable even if we dont have any GUI tool to monitor the vol space thresholds and will be alerted vis SNMP if my vol reaches thresholds.

We are not using system manager or operations manager and we would normally log on to individual filers to check the vol free space and manually manage the capcity reports, any thoughts/suggestion to autoamte alerting




This is exactly what I wanted, turning off Filer Global Status error/warning state changes because a volume is full.

netapp*> registry set options.thresholds.<volname>.fsFull 101
netapp*> registry set options.thresholds.<volname>.fsNearlyFull 101

Again, exactly what I wanted and works perfectly. Thanks!




I believe I understand what you're asking. Just be aware that ANY error/warning event related to a controller will change that controller's global status.

You can set unique VolumeNearlyFull and VolumeFull thresholds on a per-volume basis, or on a resource group that contains multiple volumes.  In Operations Manager, drill down on a single volume until you see the Volume Details report. Once there, find the Volume Tools menu on the lower left of the web page.  In the Volume Tools menu, click on the Edit Quota Settings link.  This will open the Edit Volume Quota Settings page.

On this page, you'll see all of the thresholds that can be applied to just this one volume. Assuming you have not set unique thresholds before, all of the thresholds should be blank. Set the VolumeNearlyFull and VolumeFull thresholds to the desired amount for this one particular volume. Then, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click Update.  You have now set unique thresholds on a single volume. If these thresholds are lower than the global thresholds, they override the global thresholds.

Give this a try and reply if you have any questions.

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