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7MTT with Snapmirror Relationships

We have 2 old 7-Mode systems (Main and DR site)


Use 7MTT 2.3.1

7-Mode systems is 8.2.3

CMODE 8.3.2P1



We have CMODE system only on DR site now, CMODE system on Main site will be shipped later (next month)


Now I created Project in 7MTT and added Main 7-Mode and DR 7-Mode + CMODE on DR site

Now I have Secondary subproject where described Volumes with Snapmirror relationships and I run Data Copy from DR 7-Mode to DR CMODE)

Primary subproject now is empty and I can't edit this subproject until Data Copiyng ...



Is it correct project? May I add to primary subproject CMODE on Main site later (which will be delivered later)?


Or need both CMODE systems up and running BEFORE any Migration?




Do we have option Create new project later and add Main CMODE with Snapmirror relationships which already migrated (Main 7-Mode to DR CMODE)?




Re: 7MTT with Snapmirror Relationships

i think you're going to use copy-based transition.

below is the guide


hopefully helps



Re: 7MTT with Snapmirror Relationships

Of course I using this guide


I'm already solve issue

Re: 7MTT with Snapmirror Relationships

It would be helpful for others if you gave short summary of solution.
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