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8.2 Simulator and Worstation 10

Has anyone successfully gotten the 8.2 simulator running with workstation 10?  I can create the first node of the cluster with no problems.  When adding the second node, it will find the cluster, but fails at the network setup every time.  When exiting out of the join process and logging into the 2nd node, I can see the clus1 and clus2 interfaces are created and I can ping the node1 clus1 and clus2 interfaces from node2 and vice versa.

I logged into the 2nd node with 'node run localhost' and I noticed that no IP address was assigned to e0c.  I assigned an IP address and still no luck.  Any help or ideas will help!  Thanks.


Re: 8.2 Simulator and Worstation 10


do you have changed the simulator serial number for the second controller?




Re: 8.2 Simulator and Worstation 10

Yes, the serial number of the 2nd node was changed per the configuration doc.

Check out the KB!
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