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A700s and MetroCluster


Hi all!

I need understand how to move root aggregates in Ontap 9.1 to new aggregate in metrocluster.

I have four nodes AFF700 with 3,8TB disks...

To metrocluster root volumes, I use 16 disks (4 aggregates in raid 4 replicated and two pools... This is bad... Need replicated all root aggregate, sure? Or not need replicated?)...A lot of area used for root aggregate...

If add new shelf (one shelf in each sites) with disks smaller sizes, would it be possible to move root vols to these disks?

Read kb below.. Ontap 9.0 introduced "system node migrate-root"... This works in metrocluster?

Thanks for your atention!



Hi tcafe,


yes all root aggregates have to be mirrored.

As you stated you can use a shelf with smaller ssd's to host the root aggregate on it (please check the ssd limits that the platform supports prior to attaching disks).

system node migrate-root works in 4 node MetroClusters and yes you can move the root aggregate there, in 2 node MetroClusters in is a slightly different procedure but that one also works.

When moving the root aggregate to smaller disks you also need to respect the minimum root volume size for the platorm so in the unlikely event a core file could be saved.





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