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AFF A220 w/ 18 SSDs


Hi Team,


Is there a way to quote an AFF A220 with 18 internal drives? Even when I try to add a drive pack to a half-populated A220 it automatically includes a DS224C. Fusion doesn't allow me to build an A220 with 18 internal drives either, so I'm wondering if it just isn't a valid configuration.




Re: AFF A220 w/ 18 SSDs


It's valid, don't think there is an express pack for it though. 


In Fusion click "customize" under "Change Internal Drives"  and click + till you get 18.   


Quoting,  you'll probably need to do 1/2 shelf + drive packs. 

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Re: AFF A220 w/ 18 SSDs


With Fusion, you select the half shelf (12 SSDs). Then modify the shelf, customize it and increase dis count to 18.


For quoting, you would quote a 12-SSD unit, then add a 6-pack of SSDs to get 18.


If you want max-ADP in the field, then someone will need to initialize the system with all 18 drives. 

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