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Access LUN data


Hi all. 


We have a FAS2220 with firmware 8.1.3 7 mode. 


We want to move Volumes from this controller to a FAS2552. 


I understand we can't make this volume live because of compatibility. Are there workarounds? Like are there ways to ensure that we can access the contents of this volume (from the old controller) on the FAS2552? 


NB - I am thinking of creating a new volume on the FAS2552. But I'm not sure if NetApp allows to copy data from an old controller to a new one. 


Both controllers are on-Prem



What version of ONTAP is the 2552 running?  


But Snapmirror or 7MTT could work for you. 



ONTAP 8.2 Cluster mode


Well I did something about this already. 


Instead of replicating the luns, I just did a direct copy from the old lun provisioned to the empty one from the cluster mode controller. 


I didn't really get a hang of the 7M transition tool, like I don't understand how it should be used. 


If you still think it's better though, please elaborate. 


All the 7MTT is there for is to make it easier to create, initialize, break the transitional snapmirror between the 7 mode and Cluster system.     It automates the process.  


here's a good demo using MSSQL.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiRSoUkUHO0  



7MTT can transition SAN volumes and LUNs, but you would first have to upgrade the destination cluster to 8.3, or any version between 8.3 and 9.5.  SAN transition was added in 8.3, and all transition capabilities were removed from ONTAP in 9.6.

If you are stuck on 8.2 for other reasons, another option is the SAN Lun Transition Tool (SLTT), a WFA workflow from back in the 8.2 days that preceded ONTAP support for SAN transition via snapmirror.


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That doc needs to be updated/corrected then. 


It's looking as if I'd eventually upgrade from 8.1, 8.2 to 8.3


If I'm stuck at 8.2 I will definitely give this a try. 


Quick one: can I get it on the NetApp support page? 


If you have a valid support contract you should be able to no problem.