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Access to a LUN from anonymous initiators


Hi All


We need to create a LUN and publish it via iSCSI. As far as i know we need to register (LUN masking) all the initiators in a igroup and then asociate this igroup  to the LUN.  What if i dont have the initiator list? In my current scenario we don´t have the initiator list (IQN) in advance. What i would like to know is if there is a configuration/posibility to create a Lun, publish it via Virtual IP and later access to this LUN from a server. This is to access to this LUN from an initiator that it was previously registered in the igroup. Can we achive this? 



 Thanks a lot,






I believe most software iSCSI initiators can have the IQN manually set.


So, if your incoming hosts currently do no iSCSI whatsoever, you could automate LUN and IQN generation, and tell them what they need to set their IQN to for access.


No, unfortunately NetApp does not offer such possibility.

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