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Active Directory account not working


Hi all


I have a customer who is using StoreVault Data ONTAP 7.2 and is using it to serve CIFS shares to Enterprise Vault.


ONTAP has lost its connection to AD. We have deleted the computer account, and re-added using cifs setup successfully - however it required a pre-staged computer account to work, plain vanilla cifs setup didn't work.


When we try now to access the shares we get errors like:


Cannot authenticate with server.

ser or Service not found in Kerberos database

UTH: SPNEGO- Error looking up SID: STATUS_NONE_MAPPED (0xc0000073)..


These messages are repeated for each DC.


cifs testdc doesn't reveal anything wrong.

cifs domaininfo shows connectivity ok but status of "PDCBROKEN" next to each DC.    (However, the PDC emulator DC is okay!)


I have tried cifs trace to gather more info which reveals the errors above.

DNS, time, timezone = all okay.


Any ideas would be appreciated!


Thank you in advance