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Add Failover targets

How do I add/change my failover targets on FAS2554-01_clus1? (I am getting weekly emails for Insufficient redundancy failover for LIF )

Cluster Ontap 8.3


Failover tagets: FAS2554-01:e0e & FAS2554-01:e0F

I was told I need to change FAS2554-01:e0f to FAS2554-02:e0e


I created a new Failover group cluster_failover (contains all 4 ports, thought this would fix my failover issue)


ScreenShot - 2015 05 (35).png


Re: Add Failover targets

Do these interfaces have the cluster role?

Re: Add Failover targets

Yes, its a cluster interconnect. They are currently just for failover.

ScreenShot - 2015 05 (36).png

Re: Add Failover targets

The cluster interconnects don't really failover, you have two connections and they are independent but provide redundancy.

The default config for cluster interconnect is to use the system-defined failover group.

Re: Add Failover targets

The cluster interconnects don't really failover

Nitpicking - they do failover inside of single node to another cluster interconnect port(s). Not sure about switchless cluster, but if one LAN controller loses physical connectivity, second should do as well so both should failover.

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