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Adjusting Load Sharing Mirrors For New Equipment


Scenario: we have a 4 node 8.3.2P10 cluster consisting of an 8060 HA Pair and an 8080 AFF HA Pair. We are adding a new 8080 AFF HA Pair tto the cluster and migrating everything from the 8060s to the new 8080s. We will then decommission the 8060s.


My question relates to load sharing mirrors for SVM root volumes. The root volume for all 18 SVMs is on node 1, one of the 8060s that will be decommissioned. What is the most straightforward way to move the root volume to the new 8080 AFF system and keep the replication jobs intact? Would vol move work and not disrupt the replication jobs? Any suggestions?



Thank you, however this refers to node root volumes/aggregates. I need to manage root volumes for SVMs.


In case anyone searches for this post: I ended up simply doing a vol move on the root volume and the load sharing jobs continued uninterrupted.