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Aggregate size

Is there a way to view the available space in an aggregate within a data vserver? If I'm going to increase or create a volume in the aggregate, I would like to know that there is enough room. Is there a field for one of the commands that shows the available / used per aggregate?


Re: Aggregate size

First check by this


cluster1::> storage aggregate show


nodes column shows the which aggr belong to which node




cluster1::> storage aggregate show -aggregate aggr1


you are in cluster1 node here


After you create vserver,  in any node,  when you do 


cluster::> vserver show


one of the column is the aggregate info there....


Hope this helps





Re: Aggregate size

I know I can find the aggregate name and I can find the size of the aggregate from the cluster admin level / node vserver. I am imaging myself as being a vserver admin only and logging into my data vserver and wanting to increase my volume. How do I know how much free space is in the aggregate?


Re: Aggregate size

you have to assign the aggregates which are bound to that vserver to vserver admin


vserver show -fields aggr-list  =  to see if any assinged


if not assign as


vserver modify -vserver vs1.example.com -aggr-list aggr1,aggr2


Let me know




Re: Aggregate size

There is an aggregate assigned to the Vserver, what I would like to see in that data vserver is the available spae in the aggregate - is that possible?


In 7-mode, I would run "df -g volume" then "df -Ag aggr" to make sure there was room before I expanded.


In C-mode, I can see the size of my volume in the data vserver, but I can't find the command to see the size of that volume's aggregate.

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