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Architectural and Design Info Gathering

Hello All,

We have new site with 15 NetApp arrays (FAS/AFF Models), and the following ONTAP versions - 9.5P2,8.2.4P6,9.5P2.
To understand more about site, what information we need to gather for the existing configuration and setup.
Do we have a doc or checklist on that.  What is the recommended tool to get all of the architecture info and all the in-depth details.  Please suggest.

Thank You.


Re: Architectural and Design Info Gathering

I'd start with config advisor.   https://mysupport.netapp.com/site/tools/tool-eula/activeiq-configadvisor 


also to add, if they are enabled for autosupport/active IQ  you can check them here:  aiq.netapp.com 

be sure to check the enable visual box in the settings. 


If you have a SAN fabrics,  running the SAN health tool would help too.   



Re: Architectural and Design Info Gathering

Also the ActiveIQ portal can help with basic information.


Your account team may be able to help with the reporting of some of this. They may know a better tool for the job or help you get to where you're going.

Re: Architectural and Design Info Gathering

Thanks Mike and Paul.  I have access to AIQ Portal.

Is there any document on how to add new arrays or a new account there, as I do see lots and lots of other accounts from my organization there and the arrays being monitored. How to add new array to the portal.  Or, is that is done by account team only ?   Best Regards...

Re: Architectural and Design Info Gathering

You can do a support site feedback and it will open a ticket for someone to get back to you.
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