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Are fs_size_fixed and fractional reserve changes nondisruptive?


I have a vFiler root volume that is 5GB, and I want to resize it to <500MB because it's using very little space. I got the 'fs_size_fixed' error when attempting the resize. I've never seen this on anything other than a SnapMirror destination volume so I'm not sure how that setting got applied to this vFiler root volume, but it did.


i also noticed fractional reserve was set to 100. On all other vFiler root volumes I have it set to 0. Again, not sure how this happened but it did.


i would like to change both settings. Would either be disrptive to a CIFS vFiler?


We are on DoT 8.2.4 P4, 7-mode.



You can thin provision it and your problem will go away.


vol options volname fs_size_fixed off 


Then you can either resize it.


Fractional reserve only plays into it if you have luns.  


Thank you . Are either option disruptive to a CIFS Server on a vFiler?




OK thanks. That's what I thought but wanted to verify.

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