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At what point, export policy will be converted to cDOT from 7-mode by using 7mtt?


I have been reading the "Data and Configuration Transition Guide".


It seems that NFS policy of some volumes could be converted to cDOT by using 7mtt tool. However, I am not so clear on what volumes whose policy could not be converted, and I need to manually create them on cDOT?


2nd question, at what steps, precutover or cutover, the export policy will be converted?


Can anybody please explore this topic more in details?



Hello netappmagic,


I perform transition consulting for NetApp. 


7MTT 2.0 will provision the export policies during Precutover when the Apply Configuration button is hit.  In the example below, the migration session was in Precutover and we hit apply configuration without any checkbox for test mode. 


If you want to audit the success of various operations, press the Operation History Tab near the bottom of the 7MTT project dashboard.  You can see here applying configuration failed because I did not have the CIFS server set up yet.  Once I had provisioned the CIFS server, 7MTT was able to continue and apply the configuration.   You can press the View Results button on the right hand side of the Operation History to view the job results of the Apply Configuration Task.





With regards to whether the export policy was applied for your volume or not, when you press the View Results button, you get the Job Results listing.  Scroll down to the sections that discuss NFS and you can press the Affected Objects button to see which volumes were adjusted when applying the configuration.





If the export policy could not be applied, capture the 7MTT logs and log a support case so we can take a look. 


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