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Hi All


When using cluster mode. Is it possible to have AutoSupports sent to an internal Web server location as opposed to using a SMTP server..?


My AutoSupports cannot be sent direct to netapp as there is no external connectivity and SMTP is a blocked protocol on our network.

So getting a zipped package is difficult.

From the below link it looks like it can be sent out to an FTP site (which i assume could be internal)



However again FTP is an unsupported insecure protocol. SFTP would probably work for us however it does not state that is is supported.


At the moment I am having to copy each file out of an Autosupport created via the console from the SPI in to a folder on my local PC.



Re: AutoSupport options...



If its possible, it may be acceptable (though not ideal) to enable the option if it is still present to copy the file straight out of a CIFS session browsed directly to the ETC$ folder (as you would with 7Mode.


Can this be enabed as a temporary measure in order to grab a copy of the AutoSupport log dump..? 


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