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Available IOps on the aggregate



I want to ask if there is any tool which can be run for checking the aggregate IO availability?

1. I tried to add cluster on NetApp Synergy but there is no information about available IOps.

2. On Active IQ I can see graphs which is called available IO but for me its a little bit unclear. Available IOPS is growing when some more traffic is on the environment, how should I read it?


Comparing to IOPS on the environment:



3. I can also count it manually based on individual disk max. IO but I think it will be not quite real information because total IO depends also on other parameters, not just individual drives.


I am looking for just simple answer what are the IOps capabilities on my customer's environment (IO per TB, IO per aggregate or etc.).


Thank you for any suggestions. 


Re: Available IOps on the aggregate


note:  Synergy is no more,  it will redirect to Fusion.    


Check out the Perf Capacity of the system?



There's a graph in AIQUM (Active IQ Unified Manager)  that is helpful.  





Re: Available IOps on the aggregate


Correct, Active IQ Unified Manager is the product you need: https://mysupport.netapp.com/site/products/all/details/activeiq-unified-manager/downloads-tab



Re: Available IOps on the aggregate



I have Active IQ installed in the system but I am not sure how to read graph which I pasted into my previous post.


How to read it? Maksimum available IOPS is 50k? Why availability is not corresponding to IO graph?





When IOPS are close to 0 availability graph should be approx 50k as I understand but it is not like that. Can you please explain?

Re: Available IOps on the aggregate


perf.pngGo to Performance -> Aggr -> click the aggr -> and on the right you'll see reports scroll down a bit and find "perf Capacity Used,  Available IOPs and Utilization.  



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