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Backplane Traversal


AFF200 Active/passive, with one SVM on the active node, that also owns the data aggr.


Say I put a SVM lif on the passive node. 10Gbe SFP+. How will that affect performance? How high is the throughput of IC? I am running switchless. The access protocol is nfs.




Re: Backplane Traversal




Unlike 7 mode (for FCP only as well) the data for the incorrect path is not going on the IC/PB. it goes via the cluster network, by default on the AFF200 it's ports e0A and e0B which are 10GB each  (can also use other ports - on the same speed).

it should add very small latency (around 1ms).


as NFS v3 is stateless. i would place the LIF on the same location as the volumes. and let the LIF failover to handle redundancy. in NFS v4 or if pNFS involved - need to read some docs, but in general from my experience the LIFS fails-over faster than the aggregates... (assuming ARP cache on the switches not creating any problems).



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

Re: Backplane Traversal


@GidonMarcus wrote:

it should add very small latency (around 1ms).

This is extremely HUGE latency for an all flash array.

Re: Backplane Traversal


Know the saying - Never assume it's a one way street?


I just tried running a 4k 100%  random  100 % read on a IOmeter load, while failing over the LIF to the other controller.


Either the 10Gbe network is the limiting factor or the indirect connection is not being affected by the failover.

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